portrait of a goldsmith (jaime)

jaime (a gold smith's story)
jaime (the portait of a goldsmith)

Meeting Jaime was one of my first introductions to Colombian hospitality. I was solo-travelling Mompóx, a sleepy village along the Magdalena river that more than once inspired the places described in Gabriel Garçia Márquez’ colourful magic realism stories, when I ran into Jaime on the dusty lane leading towards the local market. Even though my Spanish was only still very poor at that moment, he soon invited me to his house in order to show his art. In the past situated along an important trades route towards Cartagena, Mompóx has known a long tradition of gold- and silversmiths, still noticeable today by the numerous jewelry shops and workshops. A day later a similar thing happened to me the day after, when I ran into the lady who had helped me find a hotel on the first day, who turned out to be a silversmith and also invited me to her atelier (on the way to which I took this photo).

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