down the napo river

down the napo river

I took this photo after we had been stuck in the mud most of the day. Since we had made absolutely no progress, we had to go on longer than we normally would, meanwhile making sure that we wouldn’t get stuck again. by measuring the depth with a long stick. The ‘banana boys’, as we liked to call them (because they were torsing around heavy branches loaded with bananas all day), were on the front part of the deck sticking a long measuring pole in the water every few meters. There was quite a bit of commotion – most of the passengers had left their hammock and come outside to see how we got on. The air was filled with hope and expectation. Meanwhile nature was giving us the most breathtaking sunset I have ever seen, as if it was trying to say: all is relative.

For more about my adventures on a cargo ship travelling through the Amazon, click here.

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